Ledgerdomain is organised into several districts:

Abjurer’s Quarter – Abjuration specialists tend to hang out here. The Wizard’s Parliament is here, defended from attacks and manipulations of all kinds by over 500 separate wards.

Conjurer’s Square – Conjurers tend to gather here. A large magical menagerie displays dozens of rare beasts and extraplanar monsters.

Street of Destiny – Diviners of every stripe gather here. Fortune-tellers, many of them frauds, are easy to find.

Enchanter’s Alley – Filled with magical brothels, and freelance enchanters of all stripes. Magical merchants are also to be found here.

Evocation Avenue – The Sorcerer’s Stadium, a magical gladiator ring, is found in this sector, and many evokers and ‘combat magicians’ make this neighborhood their home

Illusion Lane – is not always there, and can usually only be found if one knows the pass word.

The Necropolis – The Necromancers Guild is headquartered in this dreary and often dangerous part of the city.

The Shifting Walk – Specialists in transmutation live in this neighborhood, which sports some of the strangest and most confusing architecture in the city.

Sorcerer’s Slum– This neighborhood is where many sorcerers live – including a great many refugees from the Kingdom of Light. Unfortunately, unscrupulous businessmen and landlords take advantage of these impoverished refugees, and Sorcerer’s Slum has gained a reputation as a dangerous district full of the desperate and the dangerous.

Organisations/Locations of interest

Parliament Square – Located in the centre of the city, the city’s government meets once every day to discuss important matters – the parliament is made up of 55 citizens of the city, and a 3/5 majority makes decisions. Representatives of all the schools of magic are included, and there is a strong minority faction of non-spellcasters.

Guild Halls – Each ‘school’ of Wizardry has a guild hall, which is basically a union for spellcasters of that type. Membership in a guild ensures members follow the laws and regulations of the city as regards magic, as well as fixing prices for magical services, and overseeing the regulation of the crafting of magic items etc.

Spellslinger’s Stadium – The site of government-sanctioned ‘Wizard’s Duels’ in which matters of honor or law are often settled. Duels are usually to first blood – but sometimes to the death.


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