Celandine Wright

Adventures are scary.


Celandine grew up in Spindlegrove, a town virtually unknown in the Kingdom of Light. It houses a tightly knit community of farmers and tradespeople centered around a small church. Few of Spindlegrove’s residents know much about life beyond their town, although some are fond of speculating, creating tales bordering on the fantastic. Few can read. Trades are passed down through the generations and all else was learned at church.

She was born to Luke and Irieatra Wright. Luke comes from a family of respected carpenters, who were not terribly pleased when he decided to take up with the elvish bard that wandered into town. They feared she would bring heathen influences to the town, but eventually accepted that Luke was completely besotted and would not be dissuaded from marrying Irieatra. They learned to tolerate Irieatra’s strange elven tendencies, although they still haven’t gotten over all their suspicions, especially since Irieatra rarely speaks of her past.

Celandine eventually earned her family’s approval, found her place in the community -in spite of her peers having been warned that she would probably “be a bit odd”. She grew up peacefully until she turned twelve and developed an acute fear of fire and a strange susceptibility to sickness that prevented her from going outdoors or even leaving her bed for much of her youth.

When she was twenty-one, she left Spindlegrove at her mother’s insistence and for lack of anywhere else to turn, answered a summons for adventurers.

Celandine Wright

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