Royal College of Wizardry

A state-sponsored academy where young people with magical potential are trained to use their gifts responsibly, and to avoid the temptation of dark magics. The College is housed in Fialus, the capital of the Kingdom.

Courses of study range from classes on the various schools of wizardry, to the ethics of magic, combatting dark magics, and more mundane subject matter such as alchemy, maths, history, and language.

The Royal College is a self-sufficient environment – students are isolated from the outside world until their studies are complete, to avoid the risk of civilians accidentally being harmed by wayward magic. As a result, students tend to be intellectually apt but somewhat socially awkward.

Upon graduating the five year undergraduate program at the academy, students have the option of release into the wider world, having harnessed their basic powers. Of course, for ambitious students, remaining at the College allows them to learn more powerful secrets of magic. Many wizards go out into the world, adventuring for a time before returning to the academy to become teachers there themselves.

The College frequently comes into conflict with The Church and their Templars who mercilessly hunt down rogue magic users and can sometimes be … overzealous. Wizards often come under suspicion in the kingdom thanks to the prejudices against arcane magic that stem from the local religion. Hence, wizards sometimes find it difficult to trust non-magic users, sticking to their own kind.

The current headmaster of the Academy is Magus Carrol Davius, arguably the mightiest wizard in the Kingdom and a firm believer in equal rights for all arcane magicians.

Royal College of Wizardry

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