The official religion of the kingdom is the religion of the Church of the Lightbringer, or Church of Light. The church is ruled by a Pontifex, who allocates regional duties to Cardinals, Reverends, and so on, in a similar manner to the secular feudal order. The church sanctions and legitemizes the nobility.

The paladins of the Ordo Templari Lux (The Templars of Light) was established to root out demon worshipers and black magic, and serves as the militant arm of the church, who answer only to their Grand Master, who in turn answers only to the Pontifex. Some fear the Templars will become a poltical force in their own right, but for the moment they seem content to root out evil in the wildlands and punish wrongdoing where they find it.

The Tenets of the Church of Light:
*Honor Thy Family
*Honor thyself
*Thou shalt not suffer the unclean to live

Many second sons and unwanted bastards of noble families find they go far in the Church and the Ordo Templari, where their families wealth and influence ensure them a measure of comfort and respect. And the church doesn’t discriminate sexually – more than one noblewoman has been a high ranking member.

In the civilized parts of the kingdom, clerics of the church are generally respected as wise counselors, healers, and defenders of the downtrodden. Every castle worth the name has at least one chapel tended to by a local brother or sister to attend the spiritual needs of the locals. Or so goes the ideal – in reality, priests can be just as corrupt, bigoted and incompetent as any of their secular bretheren.

However, in the smaller settlements and the wildlands, the church of light does not necessarily hold sway. Isolated missionaries must compete with nature-worshipping druids, folk religions surviving from the dark ages, and worst of all, vile demon-worshippers, practicing unholy rites in the darkest regions of the kingdom.


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