Arcane magic in the Kingdom of Light is an uncertain proposition. The Church takes a dim view of what it views as witchcraft – uncontrolled wild magicians (sorcerers and some wizards) are seen as given over easily to corruption and demon-worship, not to mention the danger an unpoliced wizard presents to the general populace – being that they are essentially walking atom-bombs.

There is one state-sanctioned wizards college, the Royal College of Wizardry, at which those with an aptitude or desire to learn magic can train themselves, and learn to use magic responsibly. Wizards trained at this college go on to be advisors and court magicians to powerful nobles and magical artillery in their armies, teachers at the Academy themselves – researching spellcraft in their free time, or more rarely, free agents, utilized as troubleshooters by the local authorities. Again, the unwanted children of noble houses often find themselves students at the academy of wizardry, as do street children and wards of the state.

In the uncivilized parts of the kingdom, however, many wild magicians (sorcerers) can be found, who have survived the purges of the Church and practice their arts in secret, or hiding their true nature from the locals. If there is one thing the superstitious peasantry of the wildlands fear more than wild monsters, it is the terrifying power of arcane magic run wild. Witch burnings in these regions are more common than any would like to admit.

And not without reason. For magic’s power can be very seductive, and true power can be gleaned, some believe, only through congress with the Dark Powers, the princes and dukes of Hell or the demon lords of the Abyss. In the darkest and forgotten sanctums of the kingdom, demon-worshipping sorcerers and dark wizards practice their blasphemous arts in secrecy and solitude.


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