The Drow Empire is a powerful kingdom in the constantly warring realm of the Underdark. The drow are distant relatives of surface elves, though their coal-black skin and utter malevolence sets them apart. The drow are a military expansionist matriarchy, and the largest empire in the subterranean realm they call home. They have difficulty operating in bright light, and favor the use of ambush attacks, poisoned weapons, and their natural affinity for magic.

The Kingdom of Light currently has no diplomatic relations with the Drow, viewing them as a rogue nation of dangerous heretics – for the Drow keep to the worship of their sinister goddess Lolth, the Spider-Queen. However, no military actions have ever been recorded between the Drow and the Kingdom – each has enemies enough.

In the more tolerant Free Cities, the Drow usually keep an embassy to the surface, for the purposes of diplomacy, espionage, and trade. Their largest embassy is in the city of Ledgerdomain.

Due to recent events, it is possible that the Drow Empire has diplomatic ties to the rogue magician, Mordigaunt. (For more information, see Keyla Marrowdust.


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