Drinking Game

1. Critical fail: Take one shot.

2. Critical fail results in “Oh Jesus!”: Take two shots

3. Perin CLANKS: Take one shot.

. 4. The Orcs utter the phrase, “Very uncertain…” or “Very shameful…”: Take one shot.

5. Clock gets everyone arrested: Take one shot.

6. Celandine almost dies: Take one shot.

7. Yvannet talks to her horse. : Take one shot.

8. Bertram smokes his pipe: Take one shot.

9. Perin points out that he’s a terrible cleric: Take one shot.

10. Clock drops her bow: Take a shot. Two if it lands on her foot.

11. Celandine doesn’t actually know what her spells do: Take a shot.

12. Anyone assumes that Clock is interested in treasure: Take a shot.

13. Bertram draws his sword at an inappropriate time: Take a shot.

14. Celandine almost dies multiple times during one battle: Take two shots.

15. Anyone fails to roleplay: Dump them in the river. Then take a shot.

16. Bertram points out that he’s an old man: Take a shot.

17. Clock steals everyone’s shots: There are no shots to be taken. Hazel takes five shots.

18. Any female NPC is voiced by Graham Chapman in drag: Take a shot.

19. Karl takes a shot: Take a shot.

20. If discretion is the better part of valour: Take a shot.

21. Yvannet makes it painfully obvious that (s)he doesn’t like the rest of the party: Take a shot.

22. Victory gets javelined: Take a shot. Two if he runs away.

23. Yvannet gives her horse a remarkably unmanly hug: Take two shots.

24. Bertram broods: Take a shot.

25. Everyone’s characters are too wrapped up in their own angst to notice anything else: Take a shot.

26. Celandine cries: Take a shot.

27. Perin will not suffer the undead: Take a shot.

28. Clock does something mysterious: Take a shot.

29. That damn skeleton dog shows up: Take a shot.

30. Any player mentions DEEP CROW: Take a shot.

31. The party forgets to eat: Take a shot.

32. The party makes stupid decisions regarding sleeping patterns: Take a shot.

32. Clock fails to open a lock: Take a shot.

33. An inordinate amount of time is spent trying to BASH THE LOCK OPEN: Finish your drink.

34. The party gets into long tactical arguments in the middle of battles: Take two shots.

35. The party sees two zombies and runs away: Take two shots.

36. Yvannet smashes something with her mighty SHILLELAGH: Take a shot.

37. Clock is invisible: Take a shot.

38. Bertram dances silently: Take two shots.

39. Anyone hints at their backstory: Take a shot.

40. Melissandra says, “Great stars!”: Take a shot.

Drinking Game

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