Wurspinax the white dragon was perfectly happy to live in her mountain cave, preying on any living thing foolish enough to enter her territory. A merchant caravan headed for Fialus once passed her way, giving her not only ample food for the next few weeks, but the beginnings of a sizable treasure horde.

All that changed with the wizard. He moved into her territory a few years ago, and despite her best attempts, she was unable to kill or dislodge him. Indeed, she was forced to flee from his attempted traps more than once. He wanted her alive for some reason – whatever it was, it can’t have been good.

Things seemed to be looking up a few weeks ago. She remembers flying over the wizard’s lair, and watching from afar as a blast of sound and fury rocked the very moutains. Then a black-cloaked figure – definitely not her longtime foe – walked calmly down the mountainside, blood steaming in his wake. Wurspinax knew better than to follow him, but at least she would no longer be troubled by wizards.

Indeed, she was settling into her normal routine of ambust-hunting – only her latest prey proved more than her match. Six pink-skinned man-things managed to drive her away from her lair – and before she could return through the skylight to mount an attack, the little vermin had absconded with her hoard!

Long after, the Hammer Mountains for miles echoed with the shrieks of butchered beasts, men and women, and the frustrated roars of a thwarted dragon. Wurspinax will find the man-scum that dared to steal from her – and when she does, they will wish they’d never been born.


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