Thog #2

Thog 2 prettiest princess now!


Prettier than Thog 1.

Thog II was the second of four children. He grew up living in the shadow of his elder brother Thog who was the biggest and mightiest of all the ogres in their ogre village. Every night he wished to be as mighty as Thog, but deep down in his heart, Thog II knew his wishes would never come true. One day, Thog II was sitting by a pond, ripping fish apart with his big ogre teeth and caught a glimpse of his reflection. He was shocked to discover that he was prettier than any other ogre in his village. Suddenly, being as mighty as Thog didn’t matter because he knew that he was special in his very own way.


Ogre mothers not very inventive with names. Me Thog 2, brother Thog 1. He born first. Thog 1 always got all attention. Thog 2 want love. And food. Thog 2 like food very much. Thog 1 always get there first though. Thog 1 got stuck in doorway, very angry. Thog 1 had acid on face, ugly ugly. Thog 2 prettier now. Thog 1 stop moving. Me pull Thog 1 out of way to get to food. Food yelling hurtful things at Thog 2. Thog 2 hit food to stop it from moving. So much food. Thog 2 hit it a lot, but food hits back. Thog 2 get tired. Club get harder to lift. Maybe Thog 2 will rest. Thog 2 will rest and think of being pretty.

Thog #2

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