Keyla Marrowdust

A drow wizard working for the mighty demon-worshipping wizard Mordigaunt.


This wizard, hailing from the subterranean realm of the Drow, has refused, point blank to answer any questions of you. What you do know is that she is a formidable wizard who has tried (and nearly succeeded) to kill you more than once. She seems especially fond of fireballs.

You first encountered her in her hideout beneath the cellars of Lady Lionstone’s compound, where she was assembling an army of zombie shock troops and other loathsome creatures to mount a surprise attack upon the capital. You foiled that scheme, and slew her prize pet, the Hydra, but not before Keyla had escaped through a teleportal.

You next encountered her in the Free City of Ledgerdomain, where she had kidnapped the family of formidable necromancer Hiram Vallash, in order to coerce him into working for Mordigaunt. You surprised her in her hideout, and after a pitched battle in the suburban streets of Ledgerdomain, you captured her and turned her over to the city watch.

Keyla is currently on trial for multiple counts of kidnapping, extortion, assault with deadly magic, public recklessness, and tax evasion.

Keyla Marrowdust

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