Karl Ironspine

A fearsome and savage warrior from the Hammer Mountain peoples.


Karl is a Dwarf of the Hammer Mountains. Like most of his kind, he is part of a savage tribe. Karl is given to drinking a foul dwarven brew, and even more so, he is given to tale tellings – usually tales about him. For all his braggartry, however, Karl is indeed fearsome in combat with his massive sword.

Our heroes first met Karl while he was staying to guard his brother Mikul’s mining operation from a marauding tribe of Orcs. The adventurers slew the orcs while Karl was nursing a fearsome hangover.

To repair his honor, and perhaps see some bloodletting, Karl guided the players through the Hammer mountains. Karl got his chance to prove himself in combat against a fearsome fiendish menagerie, and against a young white dragon who nested on the mountain pass.

Karl led the players safely through the mountains and returned to his people, but not before making fast friends with the sorceress, Celandine, over a flask of dwarven brew..

Karl Ironspine

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