Melissandra Bellicus

Super strong scarf-wearing warrior


Age: Somewhere in her 30s (she stopped counting because it didn’t seem important), Height: 5’5” (looks taller because she has so much muscle), Hair: Brown (but you can’t really tell because she nearly always wears a scarf wrapped around her head), Eyes: Green, Strength: Greatsword, grappling, generally being awesome at physical combat, Weakness: she leaves the book knowledge stuff to others


Melissandra was born and raised in the town of Sparrow Falls. Her mother and father…well, she doesn’t like to talk about them. At all. She started training with the famous swordman Natalis when she was ten, after not only managing to lift his Greatsword but also accidentally cutting the kitchen table in half during a dinner party. Natalis was the one who taught her everything she knows about the Greatsword. He made her endure grueling physical training and taught her how to survive for days without food, water, shelter or sleep. She inherited his beloved Greatsword when he died suddenly. Melissandra left Sparrow Falls at 19, seeing no reason to stay. When she was 20, she reached the lands of Lady Jeora Lionstone’s estate, just in time for a raid from The Great Wastes. She saved the Lady’s life and thus gained her trust. Melissandra became a member of Lady Lionstone’s entourage and fought at her side in the war against The Great Wastes six years ago. As a result, she is very loyal to the house who accepted her as she was, both as a half-elf and a woman. She was shocked to learn that the Lady was a vampire, and has sworn revenge on those who corrupted her soul. For no discernable reason, she hates balls (don’t ask). She also cannot tolerate bad language. However, she has no qualms about insulting her enemies’ physical appearances if she needs to. No one has ever been brave enough to call her Mellie. Her sword, named Natalis, is her greatest love.

Melissandra Bellicus

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