Lady Jeora Lionstone

A proud noble of house Lionstone corrupted by undeath


Jeora Lionstone was widely known as a scion of a noble house. She defended the Kingdom against an invasion from the Great Wastes some six years ago, seeing off a vastly superior army through use of cunning tactics and a willingness to risk her own life in service to a cause. It is during this border war that she met Balon Blackfyre. They kept up a regular correspondence in the years since.

In the last year or so, Jeora began to make her presence felt at court, becoming another of the King’s trusted advisors.

Recently, however, this ostensibly pure soul became corrupted. It was revealed recently by a party of adventurers that Jeora had been made into a vampire. How long ago this happened is not certain, nor is the extent to which her undead predatory nature influenced the politics of the Kingdom. It is even possible that she was under the command of other more sinister agnets of evil, such as the fell sorcerer Mordigaunt. Such thoughts, however, are not condoned by the King or his advisors, viewed rather as wild and unfounded speculation.

Leadership of house Lionstone has fallen to Jeora’s nephew Joseph, known as the Lion’s Tooth.

Lady Jeora Lionstone

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