Mayaric Hightower

A loyalist noble of House Hightower - known for his influence at court, and dislike of Balon Blackfyre.


Mayaric Hightower was born to a sad lot – his father was a rebel lord who attempted to stage an uprising against the royal family some twenty years ago. Old Osric Hightower got a sword through his neck for his trouble, and Mayaric grew up as a ‘guest’ of King Eldred. When he came of age, he was permitted to return to his ancestral seat, and assume his duties as a member of the house.

Realising that his family needed someone to repair their shattered fortunes at court, Mayaric’s brother Mallick, who was head of the family, asked his brother to act as House Hightower’s liason to the throne.

Mayaric has performed that function admirably for some years now, becoming one of the King’s closest and most trusted advisors.

Mayaric is widely known for his no-nonsense approach to problems, and for his deep dislike of Balon Blackfyre, who slew his father some twenty years ago.

Mayaric Hightower

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