A demonologist in the service of the dark sorcerer Mordigaunt - that is, until his untimely demise.


Gormengast was a man of many secrets. For years, he managed to keep secret from his fellows in the College of Wizardry that his interest in sorcery leaned towards forbidden arts, including the summoning of and dealing with those blasphemous beings banished by the Lightbringer many years ago to the Infernal Realms.

Gormengast was especially interested in finding uses for demon blood, and blending it with the blood of mortal creatures to create fiendish abominations – assuming his subject survived. Of course, to carry out his experiments, he needed test subjects both mortal and fiendish.

Of late, Gormengast was apparently contracted by the sorcerer Mordigaunt, a black magician of cunning and power. Gormengast was tasked with creating a long term way of controlling fiends. It is unclear whether or not he succeeded. What is clear is that Gormengast is dead, felled by a massive trauma to his chest that left his ribcage a smoking ruin. It is probable that Mordigaunt had him killed, or did the deed himself. What is unclear is the motive – did Mordigaunt kill Gormengast because he failed in his task … or because he knew too much?


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