God of thieves preserve me from my own tongue


Age: 23 Height: 5’2’‘ Hair: dark brown, curly Eyes: brown Body type: small, compact Other stats: I figure you know what she’s good and bad at already. (Refresher – Good: at being invisible. Bad: dropping her bow on her foot.) Maybe I’ll transcribe them later.


Clock grew up in Cervantia, one of the Free Cities (as you’ve gathered). When she was thirteen, political changes in the city caused life to change dramatically. During this period of turmoil, Clock actually served a brief amount of time in prison. Some members of her family are disappointed in her. When she was 19, one of her family members induced her to leave, and that is why she is now far from home.

However, as is obvious, she is still fond of the free cities in general, not least because they aren’t cold as hell like this northerly wasteland (her words, not mine). She is very proud of the name Clock, and prefers it to her original name (as she will insist if you ask her original name). Among thieves in Cervantia, it is considered something of a right of passage to earn a thief name. Maybe she’ll tell you the story about how she earned hers, one day.

She was trained as a thief by her grandfather, who noticed her natural talent for evasion when she was five, after she successfully escaped her governess by climbing out a fourth-story window and hiding for three days (she was fleeing a lesson in decorum). As a consequence she never learned much about decorum, but she did get secret lessons in climbing, balance, picking pockets and locks, and the many other skills that a successful thief must have.

Most young people in the Free Cities learn to fence as part of their regular education. Clock had the luck to learn under the esteemed Lady Letia, who is rather well known in the Free Cities (up until Clock was about thirteen).

Traveling through the Free Cities and, later, North to the Kingdom of Light, her skills as a thief served to help her survive and gain contacts in the underworlds of various cities. She even spent a bit of time in Fialus.


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