Old human ranger out to avenge the murder of his family.


I was born in a town called Isrellad, ruled by a duke who, like most, was in constant feuds, with those around him, resulting in military muscle-flexing, usually leading to many dead or wounded innocents, such as my parents. When I came of age, I too was dragged to the boot camps, where I learned to handle a sword and shield. My trainer, Fermain, was the only person in this town whom I respected. Though a strong warrior, he knew that one’s mind could be the strongest weapon in any battle. He also taught me to track and hunt.

One day, it was found out that the duke had had a man of power assassinated (for what, I never did know). Because of this, an entire army was sent to attack and destroy our town. Every able-bodied fighter was sent out to defend our walls. The battle was terrible. Man, woman, and child died on that field, it did not matter for whom they fought. In the midst of battle I caught eye of Fermain. He appeared injured. However, that was the last I saw of him. I grew afraid for my life, I was but a boy. So, while everyone continued fighting, I hid, like a coward. When I emerged, a day had passed, and the town I had grown up in was in flames. “Good riddance.” I spent the next day going through the bodies, gathering what things I would need now that I had nowhere to go, and also hoping to find a trace of the only friend I ever had. But the bodies were numerous, and the battlefield vast. Eventually, I was forced to give up and move on.

Years later I had found an income in furs. I was fairly content with my life, but never was I truly happy ‘til the day I saw HER. I was out, wandering the woods, looking for animals to hunt, when I came across beautiful elven house by a river. And sitting next to a tree, stringing a bow, was the most heavenly woman I had ever laid eyes on. Her name was Calsal. I was smitten, and vowed to stay by her side forever. So I ran to the house and demanded to be allowed to stay with them, learn from them. Calsal’s father was shocked (to say the least) but could see in my eyes that would not have taken “no” for an answer, so he agreed.

I spent many years with Calsal’s family. Her parents,her little brother, and she had been living there for many years, in the wilderness. I learned much more about animals from them, including how to handle and even talk to them, then I had in my years in the fur trade (understandably). I also learned to wield a bow. Many years went by and I was simply happy to be around Calsal, but one day, I mustered my courage and asked her to marry me. She said yes and her parent’s were happy to except me into their family.

Again, the years went by and I truly lived in bliss. Calsal and I now had our own family, a daughter, Samara. An angel, like her mother. And then…. the day I’ll never forget… for as long as I live…

About four years ago, I was at home with my wife and daughter when he came. I do not know his name, a necromancer, with eyes darker than a moonless night and a scar the shape of spider on the right side of his face. He arrived baring Calsal’s father’s head… he laughed, waving it around. Then he through the head to the ground and blood spattered all over, and wherever the blood touched an undead corpse rose. I fought the horde back as long as I could, but they were never ending, eventually I was overtaken. When I awoke, I was tied to a tree, the necromancer staring me in the face. He explained that he had nothing personal against me, merely the elves. Calsal’s father had apparently attempted to kill him many years ago and he had sworn vengeance upon him and his family. For this reason alone would he let me live. Having no desire to continue living without my beloved, I spat in his face and told him I WAS part of their family. He merely laughed. Calling me a fool, he stabbed me with my own sword and left me to die.

Obviously it was not to be so. I did survive, if not only through sheer will. I now wanted that necromancer to die. I would see if he could resurrect HIMSELF once I tore him to pieces and burnt each limb separately. That is why I quest now. The funds, rewards, weapons, experience, and knowledge I gain will allow me to one day, avenge the ones I love.

Since our campaign has been going, I have found out that my family’s souls are now trapped in some hellish dimension. Where and how I will get them out is beyond me…. But I will find a way.


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