The Kingdom of Light


"They saved my life, and the lives of my family," claims Vallash

(Excerpted from the Ledger – Ledgerdomain’s weekly periodical newspaper)

It isn’t every day that one of the most powerful spellcasters in our fair city has to ask for help. But that’s exactly the position that Hiram Vallash found himself in when he and his family were taken hostage by the rogue wizard Keyla Marrowdust.

“It was months ago.” says Vallash, 34. “I was going about my business on the Street of Gods when I was approached by a Drow woman, who said she had a business proposition for me. Being that a freelance wizard is always looking for a way to support his family, I was willing to hear her out. But she (Keyla Marrowdust) was up to no good. She informed me that she was working on behalf of a man called ”/campaigns/the-kingdom-of-light/characters/mordigaunt" class=“wiki-content-link”>Mordigaunt, who your readers may not know is a rogue magician of colossal power. The job she was hiring me for was to help him raise an undead army with which to attack The Kingdom of Light, my homeland. Naturally I refused."

“Two days later, my home had been invaded while I slept, and my wife and daughter were held at swordpoint by Keyla’s thugs. She told me that if I did all her master required of me, my family would not be harmed. What could I do but obey?” But even that didn’t satisfy this fiendish dark-elf witch! “Mordigaunt asked the impossible – he wanted 100 zombies ready within a week – zombies with combat training! When I told him I couldn’t do as he asked – that it was magically impossible – he decided I’d been holding out on him the whole time. Then he brought in the fiend.” The fiend in question was Phylx, a chain devil from the very pits of Hell. “The chain devil tortured me for days. It didn’t even ask any questions …” remarks Vallash, his gaze fixed on some point beyond me.

However, all was not lost for Vallash or his family. Six brave adventurers from the kingdom in the North, came to his rescue. Although apparently, that was not their original intent. According to one source close to the investigation, the team had originally believed that Vallash was working with Keyla of his own free will, and they were on orders to kill him themselves if he proved a threat to their kingdom.

In the course of their investigation, however, the northern band quickly ascertained that Vallash was working under duress. They handily dispatched the villainous wizard, and remanded her to the official custody of the City Watch. Watch Commander Jeren O’Donnel had this to say. “When they first breezed into my precinct house with a wizard under one arm like a sack of potatoes, I thought these were just some barbarian northern savages looking to make trouble. Looks like I was wrong. These northerners are reckless, but by the Gods they get the job done.” When asked to explain the actions of their national, the Drow Embassy declined to comment.

The heroes quickly made their way to Vallash’s house, where they battled through Keyla’s various henchmen, including drow foot soldiers, hired mercenaries, captured oozes from the slimy depths of the Underdark, and even the fearsome chain devil itself. "I can’t say how grateful we are, said Hiram Vallash. “These heroes will always be welcome in my home after what they did.” “All in a days work,” the heroes were heard to say. They declined further comment to this reporter, but sources close to the investigation inform The Ledger that the Northerners’ next port of call may be the infamous Isle of Doom, from which no man has ever returned alive.

Whatever may be in store for you, brave companions, this reporter wishes you the best of luck. You’ll need it.



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